Light Mining & Support


Wesbar Vanquip specialise in compliance vehicle fit-outs for mine sites across WA. Whether you have an entire fleet, or contracting with 1 or 2 vehicles, we can supply and fit everything you require complete with appropriate certification.

A standard mine site solution includes the roof bar, roll bars, battery isolators, hi vis signage, wheel nut indicators, beacon lights, flags, front protection and rear protection. Custom snorkels are also available according to vehicle spec.



 Vans equipped to deliver hot and cold food to mine site workers.

- Mine site roof bar,

- Battery isolator,

- Power inverter for accessory power supply,

- Alloy tread plate flooring to the rear cold storage area,

- Left and right side shelving with folding feature,

- Power point outlets installed throughout the vehicle,

- Floor mounted tracking to secure hot food boxes,

-Treated with food grade safe interior lining.